Research Themes


Hauora Māori teaching and learning

This portfolio focuses on the development of an evidence-based indigenous health curriculum. This includes long-term development of a comprehensive Māori health curriculum delivered throughout all FMHS programmes


Māori health workforce development

This portfolio focusses on increasing the indigenous health workforce via recruitment and retention of appropriately qualified indigenous health professionals across the health sector.


Monitoring health inequities

This portfolio includes analysis of disparities between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples as a means of monitoring government commitment to indigenous rights.


Health services

This portfolio includes research that monitors and improves healthcare and health outcomes for Māori and their whānau.


Kaupapa Māori theory and practice in research

This portfolio is led by Professor Papaarangi Reid and includes Kaupapa Māori Theory and its application to health research.


Te Ao Māori

This portfolio includes research that focuses on Te Ao Māori. This research stream acknowledges that Te Ao Māori plays a significant role within research and the wellbeing of communities.