Foundations of Māori health

Provides an overview of the many dimensions of Māori Health. It examines the historical and contemporary determinants of Māori health status, and outlines strategies for improving Māori health in the context of the Treaty of Waitangi, and reducing health inequalities.


Māori health: Policy and Practice

Māori Health 706 examines health and social policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand from a Kaupapa Māori perspective, with an emphasis on reorienting policy to advance Māori health and equity. This course provides insights into how policy can be applied within a Kaupapa Māori framework in different areas of public health practice.


Transformational Research for Māori health

Māori Health 709 provides a critical analysis of research and research processes with regard to their potential to colonise or liberate. Drawing on Kaupapa Māori Theory, the course examines how research can be undertaken in ways that are safe for Māori and contribute to positive Māori development.


Kaupapa Māori Theory

Kaupapa Māori Theory (KMT) underpins a range of approaches employed to ensure policy, research and intervention processes emphasise Māori ways of knowing and being and work to prevent the further marginalisation of Māori. Students learn about the development of KMT and its use in the context of Māori health and development. They experience and learn from a range of initiatives and projects that have KMT at their core.