Tōmaiora - Our mahi

Kaupapa Māori research

Tōmaiora use Kaupapa Māori research, which is led by a Māori world view.


Principles used:

  • placing Māori at the centre of the enquiry
  • setting out to make a positive difference for Māori
  • challenging inequalities and power relationships
  • critique of victim-blaming and cultural–deficit explanations
  • seeking to use high quality ethnicity data.


Terms of engagement:

  • Māori benefit positively from research
  • productive for Māori health development
  • quality research
  • safe processes
  • support with strategies that prevent and reduce ill-health
  • develop Māori research methodology consistent with the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • foster and contribute to effective health promotion
  • eliminate inequalities
  • meet highest standards of research
  • contribute to the development of environments which support well-being.