Upcoming Tōmaiora Seminar

Inclusive Streetscapes and Transport systems: Reflections on Indigenous community engagement and wellbeing

  • Date/Time: Tuesday 15th October, 2019, 12.30 – 1.30 pm
  • Venue: Function Room 730-220, Level 2, School of Population Health, Tāmaki Campus, The University of Auckland, 261 Morrin Road, Glen Innes, Auckland


We are a multi-disciplinary research team that span across community, social science and health sectors. This seminar will be presented by Ms Dolly Paul, Mrs Julie Wade, Dr Anneka Anderson, and Prof. Shanthi Ameratunga (Principal Investigator).   


This community-based participatory research study explored perspectives of disabled people and older residents in Auckland on how transport systems influenced their lived experiences and aspirations for wellbeing. Using approaches consistent with Kaupapa Māori Research and Talanga Pacific methodologies, 62 qualitative interviews using go-along and Photovoice methods were conducted with Māori, Pacific, Chinese and NZ European community participants.  This presentation will focus on the work undertaken in Mangere, South Auckland, particularly with participants from Te Puea Marae. Researchers and community members will reflect on the research process, findings, and future implications of the project.

 The findings highlighted the need for more robust processes engaging communities to address prevalent structural injustices in transport. The study also identified the imperative to design a decolonising transport infrastructure and processes that are accessible to communities who are differently challenged by the built environment and less heard in current Western-based colonial consultation approaches.

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